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Have a cool product or trendy service but no store to sell it? Or, like Doemarkt, do you already have a well-run business and want to get started with e-commerce? Then you are in the right place!

Selling online involves a lot. That’s why we take you through all the steps of the process, with the end goal of launching a profitable webshop.
In this way, we have already built more than 15+ successful web shops.

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Having a web shop built by Webdude is:

Our approach

How we create your webshop website

We make a thorough analysis

What do you want to sell on your webshop? What image do you want to form to your customers? What style do you find attractive? Or do you already have a webshop that needs updating?

We are happy to listen to your needs and budget, giving our honest feedback.

Then we will provide a no-obligation quote

After our analysis, we prepare a no-obligation quote for your project. We provide free advice and write out in detail what to expect. This will give you a transparent view of costs.

And build your webshop

We aim to build your website in 4-8 weeks.
As we build, we also let you watch & tune in regularly to ensure everything is to your liking. That way, we already built their successful web shop with more than 15+ customers.

WordPress website laten bouwen onze aanpak

The perfect picture customized to your corporate identity

We design your online store completely in your corporate identity. Not only do the pages on your website get a finished design, we also take a visual look at the emails to your customer or invoice. This is how we create a perfectly cohesive picture.

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Custom logo

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Custom colors

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VAT functionality

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Collection option with timeframe

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Have a successful web shop created: Start today 2

The best experience on any device

Today’s user browses your website using different devices. Watching your products on the smartphone in the evening on the couch and then purchasing via laptop, vice versa or directly from the cell phone? We provide a responsive layout within each online store for an optimal experience.

Easy online payment

We integrate several payment platforms, such as Mollie. This way, your customers can easily pay online. Take out bank card, find card reader? No, we make it easy for customers to pay via scanning a QR code, PayPal…

Tailored to your business

Each case has its own needs. That’s why we build customized web shops. Not only is the design customized, the functionalities are personalized as well. Importing products from your POS system? Do you work through Dropshipping? Sending packages abroad? Or a discount for customers who pick up their order in the store? We already made it all, specifically for our customers.

Pairing with your software

We save you the double work by analyzing which external software we can link. Focused on speed, we connect numerous solutions. Some examples:

Sell more online?

Want to sell more online but don’t know exactly how? There are plenty of options, paid and non-paid. Webdude is happy to help:

Webshop in need of renewal?
Or do you already have a website?

We update your webshop where needed or integrate it into your current website without any effort. A results-oriented refresh often helps with your web shop’s sales. Do you need to improve speed, have a new corporate identity or could the ordering process be a whole lot simpler? We listen to your experience and that of your visitors to make it hassle-free.

Images say more than words

View webshops from our customers

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Frames and Faces

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Mijn Kerstboom

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Fam The Label

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Optiek Lammerant

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Frequently asked questions about webshops

  • Your store is open 24/7 and your customers order when and where they want. During the day via their desktop, at night in the couch via their smartphone or tablet. Our web shops are optimized for all devices.
  • You don't need a fixed storefront.
  • Your products are marketed quickly.

Most standard web shops start around a price of 2,500 euros. We customize your online shop: we look at what functionalities we need to bring your project to fruition.

A lot of work creeps into a good web shop. We go beyond just creating the web shop. We finish everything SEO-focused so your shop attracts customers and doesn't float around somewhere on the Internet.

Required: hosting, domain name, maintenance and payment provider fees. Your shop needs hosting and a domain name. Depending on how many products are in your online store and what features we set up together, we'll see what hosting is appropriate. In addition, depending on the payment method (Bancontact, Credit Card, bank transfer, etc.), you pay an additional cost with each order. We keep your website secure by throwing it under regular maintenance.

For example, do you want to send out automated emails or place online ads to sell more with your web shop? Then you better also take these things into account when making your budget.

At Webdude, we put no limit on the number of products you want to sell online. Depending on how many products there are on your webshop, we will look at appropriate hosting.
Definitely and definitely! If you wish, we will show you how to manage your products yourself. We work with an easy system (WooCommerce) where you can add new products yourself, update the stock, add descriptions, adjust the prices of your products, set up a (temporary) promotion, ...
You create discount codes faster than the speed of light 😉 . Discount on the entire order or a product separately, fixed discount or a percentage, it's all possible.
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