Who is Webdude?

Hi! I am Thomas Vanommeslaeger, 33 and owner of Webdude.

I’ve been building websites since I was 14. Since then, I have been interested in just about anything that has a processor in it. That’s why I went to study NMCT. There I focused mainly on web design and app development.

After my studies, I went to work for Unilin, known for the Quick-Step brand. So I learned the ropes of online marketing and worked for more than 100 different websites every day. These reach more than 10 million visitors annually and continue to grow all the time.

In 2021, I made the move to Belgian hosting specialist CombellInformation about Webdude 1, a market leader in hosting services for individuals and companies, IT integrators and software developers. Those services align closely with the solutions I build to help my clients grow.
For example, with quality hosting, you always have a step ahead with Webdude 😉.

I started Webdude because I love helping people. I also want to continue this professionally, with the experience I have gained over the past few years. I do this as a self-employed person in a secondary occupation.

Thomas Vanommeslaeger
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