Effective online marketing

Online marketing is a wide range of different methods. By using those methods correctly, we make your website more visable. This is also how we attract more visitors.
The next step that is very important is to convert those visitors into customers.

Digital marketing is a profession in its own right. Therefore, we are eager to help you with our knowledge. We take your website to the next level.
Together we create a feasible plan and the results, they follow of their own accord.

Website analytics

Online marketing starts with correctly measuring your website traffic. To measure is to know. Without data, you have no visibility into what your users are doing on your website. As a result, you cannot make correct and focused decisions.
Therefore, based on data, we look at where we need to adjust your website. We do this to attract more visitors and thus bring in more customers.

We make sure everything is configured correctly. So we can begin reporting.

We most commonly use Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics as the repository for your data.

To measure is to know
Targeted decisions
To measure is to know

With data, you can make targeted decisions.


We improve your website. This way, it will be easily found in Google.

SEO: search engine optimization

We rank higher in Google by properly editing our website.
Search engine optimization is a collection of techniques that improve your website. This is how your website easy to find for search engines. That also means more visitors and more potential customers.

We don’t venture a guess. We use your data to make improvements focused on your target audience.
We analyze, we improve your website speed, we optimize your content and structure your pages. And so on.

More visitors
More customers


Want to boost your website on short notice?
This can be done very easily through advertisements.

Do you have a new product or service?
Then we will create a fresh ad based on the best matching keywords. We also provide a good landing page.

We work on SEA (short for search engine advertising). Those are paid Google ads.
But we also include display campaigns (advertising on other websites) and Facebook ads.

Google ads
Facebook ads

A good ad also consists of a landing page with a clear purpose!

Email works

Did you know that as many as 70% indicated that they prefer to receive advertising via e-mail?

Email marketing

The word says it all: e-mail marketing involves sending messages to customers. The best-known form of e-mail marketing is a newsletter. In a newsletter, you can inform the recipient about your new products or new services.

We send these emails to convince the customer to choose you (again).

The costs of email marketing are low and you control them. You can also measure everything perfectly and have high efficiency.

High efficiency
Well measurable

Marketing automation

Marketing automation leans closely to e-mail marketing. It largely uses automated mail campaigns. These are automated so that the right customer, gets the right message at the right time.
Think of a message to congratulate you on your birthday, a contract that needs to be renewed or a product still in your shopping cart.

Because these emails are automated, you no longer have to spend time creating mail lists. You also no longer have to worry about the fact that you forgot to send an email. On top of that, sending emails to each customer separately is also a thing of the past.

These emails are also not similar because we can highly personalize them by recipient.

But the most important benefit is that these emails contribute to increased sales of your website and business.

More conversions
Personalized messages

Marketing automation contributes immensely to the number of conversions on your website.

Optimization = must

It is very important to offer users great ease of use.

Conversion Optimization

Luring users to your website is one thing. But making sure they can easily find what they are looking for on your website is also equally important.

We analyze the behavior of your visitors.
We do this using analytics, heat maps, AB testing, surveys or recordings. Thus, there are many possibilities.
That way, we really understand how users experience your website.

With that data, we can work to improve your website where needed.

It already takes a fair amount of time and money today to get visitors to your website, then it’s best to make sure the ease of use is high and that they reach the right goals.

More conversions
More customer knowledge

Technical Solutions

Need help with your technical issues?
Thanks to our technical background, we can help improve your digital landscape.

We have experience setting up and connecting:

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