GDPR analysis for Studio 100

Mwoah seg ei Gertje! Everyone knows Samson & Gert (or Marie), one of the company Studio 100’s most watched children’s series. But did you know that Studio 100 also produces several television programs and musicals for slightly older audiences in addition to these? Each realization has its own website. Privacy is becoming increasingly important, so it was time to take a close look at their GDPR compliance.

GDPR analysis for Studio 100 1

GDPR Analysis

The question

Because children are the largest target audience of Studio 100’s websites, GDPR is a sensitive topic. So Studio 100 wanted to have a bunch of their websites screened for how strictly they aligned with GDPR legislation. A cool challenge and a very nice reference for Webdude!

The process

We went through Studio 100’s various websites and carefully checked all functionalities and details against current GDPR legislation.

The result

The analysis resulted in a detailed presentation to Studio 100’s digital team. We cited the pain points, but also the things already correctly implemented.

In addition, Studio 100 received a working document to easily get started. So they could quickly brief developers or put marketers to work to go for 100% GDPR compliance!

GDPR analysis for Studio 100 2
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